About Us :: Catkin Embroidery

Shan Harris started Catkin Embroidery a few years ago. She lives and works from home in the suburbs of Bristol with a succession of cats, their friends and various species of wildlife the cats bring in alive to share with her. She still feels guilty about the Green Woodpecker that moved down the road after a brief forced visit to her workroom. Blossom the cat who appears in some of her designs was most annoyed -he had other plans for that bird.

She had been interested in embroidery since childhood. Re-current M E.made obtaining regular employment difficult but gave her more time to stitch again. She knew it was becoming an obsession when, after a wedding she found herself describing the bridesmaid’s dresses by their DMC number.
Catkin only exists because of the enthusiastic help of other stitchers whose support, suggestions and constructive criticism make it what it is today.